My name is Gustavo. I am 33 and I live in Toronto, Canada. I am Brazilian as much as I am Canadian, although neither one absolutely. This sometimes confuses me. I live intensely, I love intensely, I hate intensely and I celebrate intensely. I am an optimistic, an adventurer and a dreamer. I am married and getting married was the smartest decision I have ever made. Lud is the love of my life.


I love communicating but I can be very shy for reasons I can’t understand.

I enjoyed my adolescence: I traveled a lot, partied a lot, drank a lot and hung out with friends a lot. I was borderline irresponsible but I always felt in control.

I did lots of things to make money: I taught English for 4 years, I was a translator for some time. I sold coffee, jeans and shoes at one point and I absolutely hated it.

I love traveling, spending time with friends, music and gadgets. To me soccer is an equal source of absolute joy and extreme suffering.

I left Brazil a few years back and I landed in Canada with 2 suitcases, a wife and a dream. I discovered the meaning of the word “cold” and the whole experience scared the shit out of me. I felt abandoned for some time and I discovered the importance of having friends. 2 suitcases became a home. Today Toronto is my home.

I have lived all over the map.

My wife likes to think I am a mixture of Ben Affleck and Clive Owen. I like that.

The Internet is my world. My mind is full of ideas, thoughts and images. I organize and disorganize myself at my own convenience.

I take the subway, I am crazy about music and I practice yoga. I love triathlons but I can’t commit to all the training required.

 I learned how to cook because I hate what fast food stands for. I would love to do a throw-down against Bobby Flay at kitchen stadium.

I don’t seem to have enough free time.

I have dear friends who are my connection to who I was and they somehow show me how I got here. At 31 I found out that life is short and I decided to grab every opportunity by the horns. I also know that many others will slip between my fingers. I know now that moments like the one below are rare and should be enjoyed.


To me living is an endless learning. I still need to learn French, skateboarding, surfing and rock climbing. I also would love to speak Spanish with Barcelona accent. I want to be less perfectionist. I want to take life less seriously while making a difference. I want to laugh more and have more fun. My steps create the way and I have no idea where they are taking me. I also don't worry about it.