No excuses

Learning (anything) has never been easier. The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities. Yet, I hear people complain about not having the time to go to school, not having the money to pay for a course or not being able to find a university or college course on the subject they want to become experts in. Those people are clearly missing the point.

Today, you don't need to pay for courses or go anywhere to attend a class. You don't need to take regular courses either. You can pick and choose the ones that interest you and just take those. I bet that whatever you want to learn is available online for free and you can do it from the comfort of you living room. What you still need to do is put in the time and effort and THAT is the biggest problem for most people. It is much easier to say you don't have the time or money. It is also easy to blame universities and colleges for not offering the social media course you have always wanted to take. The hard thing is to recognize that you are not willing to put in the time of the effort.

I have never been a big fan of traditional classes. I love the flexibility of doing things at my own pace. These are some of the thing I learned without going to school or spending any money:

  • Back in the day, I learned Google Analytics and it made all the difference in my career
  • I also learned a lot about photography by reading a blog
  • Mr. Macaroni recently taught me how to juggle 3 balls and I plan on learning how to juggle 3 clubs this summer
  • I practice my (rusty) Spanish without spending any money using Live Mocha
  • And instead of going to stupid conferences, I spend my time watching the amazing TED videos
  • I am practicing how to pour the perfect latte heart
  • Even the MIT offers free courses online

Try it. Just look for the stuff that interests you and you will see that learning it is easier and cheaper than you even imagined.