Jewels of Boston

We have recently returned from a trip to Boston and I can say that I loved every minute of it. It was my first time and I immediately fell in love with the city. Boston is a modern and vibrant city that has a s*** load of history behind it. Modern buildings contrasted by Victorian architecture, friendly people that smile at you when they walk by, amazing restaurants and lots of interesting neighbourhoods such as the North End (Little Italy).


It was an intense trip (2 days) but thanks to our friends Ron and Luana, we were able to cover a lot of the city. I have decided to talk about the highlights of this trip hoping that if you ever find your way to Boston, you may benefit from the info.


It all starts with an amazing brunch


We went to The Buttery to get started. Fantastic food and amazing vibe. It reminded me of restaurants you would find in Soho. I mistakenly asked for a cup of coffee while Ron, Luana and Lud ordered champaigne. Never order first. I had the most amazing Eggs Benedict ever and the hand-cut fries were also delicious.



When in Boston, do the Duck Tour


Before bus/boat/tank departed, we were warned by the driver that we would definitely be “quacked” at. I have never been “quacked” at before and I recommend you take the tour and you will know what I mean. Lud even got to drive the Duck.



Markets are where it's at


We love going to markets. They represent the soul of the city. Quincy Market (Faneuil Hall) is not an exception. It is open late and you can enjoy delicious food accompanied by cold beer (I wish we could do that here at St. Lawrence Market). At Quincy Market you will have the chance to try the best food Lud has ever eaten: grilled scallops wrapped in bacon. I would not go that far but it is pretty darn delicious.



The best sports crowd in North America


That's what they say. We were lucky enough to go to a playoff game between the Celtics and the Magic. Luckily the Celtics won and a few days later they won the series. It was an amazing experience. The energy in that building is something I had only felt watching soccer games back in Brazil.




If you want some pastry, you gotta line up


Oh, Mike's Pastry. The most traditional pastry shop in Boston. People line up and wait 20 minutes to get their pastry. We were luck enough to find a table and I was amazed at how much they sell. I have never seen anything like it. They have 10 people whose job is to bring out trays from the kitchen as people place orders. Many times I heard "I'll take whatever you have". I can say one thing: it is worth waiting. I would have waited longer. I had the best Tiramissu ever and the coffee is served with a sugar lollipop that you use to stir the coffee. Another thing that impressed me: cash only. Mike is for sure a rich guy.





Have you ever been to Rhode Island?


I don't think I know a person who has been to Rhode Island... We went on a road trip to Newport and we pretended to be rich for a few hours. The scenery is absolutely spectacular and the city of Newport is gorgeous. I stopped pretending I was rich after a few hours. Ron cannot accept the idea of being poor again and he continues to pretend. Wake up man!




Every great story needs a grand Finale


We finished the night at Finale. We had some amazing dessert and port wine. That was the place where Luana and Ron finally “connected”. Over dessert they told us the story about their first (almost disastrous) date. Finale helped get their relationship started and ended our spectacular weekend in Boston.