The experience of a lifetime

The 2010 World Cup of soccer is around the corner. Soccer fans all over the globe start to get all excited about it as national teams get ready to go head to head. It is a 4-week tournament packed with fierce competition and time off has been booked accordingly (in case you are wondering).

Brazil will be the host country in 2014. It will be the biggest soccer event in history. No doubt.

I was talking to a friend over the weekend and he threw this idea around: “what if we go to Brazil during the World Cup and volunteer for a few months?” I am not going to lie: my heart started racing. The thought of being part of the biggest soccer event in history in my home country is undeniably attractive. We then started dreaming as if we were 6 years old again. It would be a dream come true.

I immediately started to think of reasons why this would not be possible: career, money, family... It is funny to see quickly I can find excuses. How often do we do this? How often do we shatter dreams? How often do we decide not to pursue things that would make us happy? How often do we come up with unreasonable excuses that prevent us from experiencing life? How often do we choose the status quo over an exciting experience?

This is an ambitious plan. It may seem farfetched but we have 4 years to figure it out. This time, I have decided to do it differently. Instead of shutting down the dream, I have decided to pursue it.

It will be the experience of a lifetime. I know it.


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