Happy New Year!

My friend Luly sent us this message that brilliantly explains why the new year brings so much hope and so much willingness to change:

"Whoever had the idea to cut time into slices, which we call years, was a brilliant individual. Hope was industrialized and began to work on the edge of exhaustion. Twelve months are enough for any human being to get tired and give up. Then the miracle of renewal comes and everything begins again, with another number and an intense willingness to believe that, from now on, things will be different."


Carlos Drummond de Andrade*


I wish you a wonderful year and I hope that you accomplish everything you set out for 2011.





*DISCLAIMER: Carlos Drummond de Andrade is one of the most brilliant and influential Brazilian writers of all times and this is my own translation of the poem Cortar o tempo. I am well aware that I am butchering his work by doing a free translation and I did look for an official English translation but I could not find it. I apologize to Drummond and to all my Portuguese-speaking readers but this is the only way I could share this amazing poem on the blog. Drummond, I am sorry.