The freedom of being offline

If you have never tried being offline for some time, I encourage you to do so. I had been completely offline for a few days at a time but I was never disconnected for such a long period of time. I was scared a few days before I started my digital sabbatical as being online is what I do for a living but it felt quite liberating. Not having the pressure to keep up with the latest news or the obligation to respond to people and update Twitter or Facebook felt great. The one thing I missed was writing. It made me realize how much of a creative outlet this is for me. During the time I was away, I had lots of ideas that I wanted to write about and share. I felt that creativity was flowing even though  I did a terrible job capturing it all using pen and paper (too busy eating and drinking, I guess).

The chance to step outside my daily life is always an interesting and unique experience: It offers me a fresh perspective and it makes me aware of things I have taken for granted for a while. That's why I love travelling so much.

The other interesting thing about my time away was the opportunity to experience Europe again alongside someone who was experiencing it for the first time. It was Lud's first time in Europe and her new experience made my own experience that much better. I was pulled into the newness of seeing things for the first time even though I had seen most of the stuff already. It was magical to look at her face as she admired the Eiffel tower for the first time. I will never forget that.

Lots of plans and lots of ideas that will hopefully lead to change. Stay tuned as I write about our experience in the upcoming weeks.

It is good to be back. I really missed being here.