Friends for life

The best part of going to Brazil is having the opportunity to spend time with my dear friends. I have known some of these guys for over 20 years.


Left to right: Marcelo Xara, Gustavo, Bobs. Thiago and Marcelo

I hear a lot of my friends who live here in Canada say that they no longer feel the connection with their friends when they go back. I guess all the years apart weakens the friendship for them. I don't feel that at all. I actually feel as if I had never left. The conversations flow easily and we pick up right where we had left off.

The most amazing thing is the connection between us. Even after all these years, we are always in the same wavelength. We have the same kind of sense of humor, we laugh at the same things and we have the same outlook in life. We disagree on a lot of topics and we argue like crazy but these are things that have not changed over the years. We have always been like that: a bunch of opinionated guys who are always defending their position.

I guess the reason why the friendship is so strong is the amazing story we share. We went through adolescence and we all became adults together. We did lots of crazy things, we went through good and bad times, we helped one another through the uncertainties of adolescence, we cried, we laughed, we went through the hardship of getting a university degree, we were there to support one another when we started our first jobs, we would pick up the bill at bars when some of us were totally broke just to ensure we were all together, we became professionals at the same time, some of us had kids quite young, we all got married, some of us got divorced, we traveled together, we once had a dream we would all live together, we helped each other be the good people we are today.

I feel extremely grateful for having met these guys. They made my life better and more interesting. They helped define the person I am today. I guess the older I get the more I realize how much I need the people who knew me when I was young.