Arraial d'Ajuda - A place to love

If Trancoso is one of my favourite places in Brazil, Arraial d'Ajuda is my absolute favourite. I have a couple of very strong reasons to love this place:

  • I have spent lots of amazing Summers here. During my university years, my classmates and I would come here every January. I remember getting off the bus after 17 hours on the road and looking for a place to stay. The budget was small but we would operate miracles to stretch it out just so we could stick around for a whole month.
  • I spent my honeymoon here. It was right before we immigrated to Canada and we had an amazing week. I remember talking to Lud about all our plans, all the stuff we wanted to accomplish and I remember being very excited about the whole experience we had ahead of us. During this trip, we officially said good bye to living in Brazil and we had a lot of fun, drank a lot of beer, stayed on the beach until there was no more sunlight and had the most amazing food one can ask for.

Going back to Arraial was a great experience. After living in Canada for a few years now, it was nice to go back to the place where a lot of the planning took place. I felt emotional and I even saw the newlyweds Gustavo and Ludmilla talking about how cool our life was going to be in a different country. It also reminded me of the importance of being excited about stuff. Excitement is key to being successful.

Despite all the emotional connections I have with the place, Arraial is a wonderful beach town: lots of amazing beaches, great bars and restaurants, rustic architecture and a very relaxed atmosphere. Why wouldn't I love a place like this. This is the closest to paradise as you are going to get.