Getting to Praia do Espelho was an adventure

Located between Trancoso and Caraiva, Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach) is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Brazilian cost. Getting there, however, can be tricky business. The road from Trancoso to the beach is very narrow and there is no pavement. Lud shot this video from inside the car, Cloverfield style:


To get to the beach, you need to walk down a very slippery trail. Going down is easy but going up is hardcore.


When you get to the beach, you forget how hard it was to get there. The beach is absolutely gorgeous: lukewarm blue waters, massive cliffs surround the whole area, white sand and lots of palm trees. It is perfectly bucolic and rustic.


Despite the difficulty of getting there, Praia do Espelho attracts lots of day-trippers who crowd the beaches in the high season.