Does more tweeting mean less blogging?

The answer for me is YES. I have not written a blog post in exactly 42 days. And it is not because I was out-of-my-mind busy or because I forgot I had a blog. The reason why I haven't written in so long is because I have been using Twitter more. It is a pretty strong pattern for me: the more I tweet, the less I blog. All of a sudden, written a blog post has become a very demanding task. I can most of the time share  thoughts, links, interesting stuff using Twitter. I don't have to write a blog post. 140 will do. Lots of people I talked to said they are experiencing the same thing. Does it mean Twitter will replace blogs? I certainly don't think it will. In numerous instances Twitter just won't do it. You are going to have to roll up your sleeves and write. This is exactly what I am doing now.  However, I do think Twitter will replace some blog posts whose only objective is to share a link or quick ideas.  The opposite is not necessarily true, though: when I blog more, I tweet more. When I write an interesting post, I feel urged to share it with my Twitter network. Twitter has become an important tool for me. You?