Sixth Sense Projection Technology - TED

This presentation was probably the one that created the most buzz at the TED conference this year. The technology behind the project is truly amazing. However, it got me thinking. What is going to happen to our decision making process? Aren't we risk averse enough these days? Why picking up toilet paper needs to be a big project that involves and requires massive amounts of information? No one picks up a book at the bookstore on a whim anymore. We all have to pull up our phones, go to and read all the reviews, rating and forums. We all do massive research and spend hours surfing the net trying to figure out what iPod to buy. It should not be that complicated. We have all become dependant on external information to guide our decision making process. We don't take risks. We suffer when we feel we could have made a better, more informed decision. Don't get me wrong: I really think the technology is amazing and the work put into it is brilliant. I am just questioning our capacity to pay attention to our gut feeling to do things. Information is important when we are buying a house or a car but picking up toilet paper should never be a project and should not require Sixth Sense Technology. Watch the demo and leave a comment. What do you think?