Christmas at home, at last

The last time I spent Christmas with my family was in 2003. Yesterday, I was looking for some pictures to illustrate this post and this is the one I found:



I was probably about 4 or 5 years old. I could not find a recent photo. Why? Because they were never taken. I simply did not bother. I was so used to seeing Christmas as a family function that I often forgot that it is also an opportunity for families to spend some time together. I don't think I ever saw Christmas as a big deal: I have always complained about having to spend time with this uncle or that aunt, about the chaos around the house and I simply wanted to get it over with.

After 6 years celebrating Christmas away from my family, I feel blessed for having the opportunity to do that once again. A lot happened in 2009 and I truly think my family and I should take some time to reflect on how blessed we are to be able to spend another Christmas as a family. This time I will do it differently: I will take lots of pictures, I will not complain about anything and I will make sure this is the best Christmas ever. This will also be a great opportunity to enjoy the ride a little bit more.

Merry Christmas to all of you!