Chorinho - creativity and improvisation

Chorinho (or choro) is one of my favourite styles of Brazilian music. It is extremely complex and sophisticated and it is characterized by creativity and improvisation. It is not as well-known internationally as samba or bossa nova and I have always considered chorinho underrated. There has been a movement in recent years geared towards introducing the style to younger audiences and I am happy to see that bands are playing all over the city.

A chorinho band

Last night we went to a bar to watch live chorinho. The energy was great and the creativity and improvisation also inspires the audience and people start dancing on a whim. My brother-in-law also told me about a man who was quietly playing the guitar: he is 87 years of age and he plays every single night. He also play every single song while some of the much younger band members take breaks periodically due to the degree of difficulty of some of the pieces.

87 years of age

Brazilian people are considered to be very creative people and you can feel that when you listen to the music produced here. Chorinho is one of the few styles of music that can truly move me and it is a great representation of what Brazilian music stands for.



Carinhoso - The most famous choro