The importance of sound

I am deeply affected by sound in both negative and positive ways. Music is an essential part of my life. It soothes me, it gives me energy and it makes me think better. I love listening to the relaxing sound of water. It allows me to go deep within and it helps me focus. At work, I always put my earphones on when I am trying to think. Music affects me positively and increases my productivity.

Noise on the other hand, irritates me. I hate the sound of TV in the background. It gets on my nerves and it confuses my mind. At work, noise can be quite distracting as well. I worked at an open-floor office for 3 years and I am sure those were the least productive years of my entire life. I could not concentrate. I was unable to focus. Everything became a distraction: conversations, movement, laughter. According to Julian Treasure, productivity at open-floor offices can drop 66%! Now, I have a little more privacy even though I don't have an office per se. 

Not until I watched this video did I realize how much I am affected by sound. I guess we all are but we don't realize it. We need to learn how to control the sound around us a little better. I believe it would pay off. Sound management will become an important part of my life moving forward, for sure.