The day a koi became a dragon

I have 2 tattoos. They have meanings. They represent periods of my life that needed to be celebrated. If you look at my tattoos you wouldn't know what they represent. It is not obvious.

I am now planning on getting a third one. This time, I want a visual representation of a specific situation. After all the things I went through this year, I really want something that can tell a story. I have decided to get a koi (Japanese carp). The word Koi is short for the Japanese word Nishikigoi, which directly translates into English as, “living jewels”. According to the Japanese mythology, the koi fish represents perseverance and strength. They believe that during the early age of koi fish, it is taught to swim upstream or against the current. The koi can climb waterfalls and when they reach the Dragon Gate, or the Yellow River, they turn into dragons.

This year, I had the opportunity to see a koi become a dragon. This koi swam upstream, climbed waterfalls and against all odds, reached the Dragon gate and fulfilled its destiny. It was amazing to see the perseverance, the persistence and the commitment.

This tattoo will be a reminder. It will be a reminder that one needs courage to be able overcome life's difficulties even when odds are totally against you.