I guess we are all raised to pursue big, special moments. We simply want to get through stuff to be rewarded at the end. We simply want to get it over with in order to celebrate. We don't pay enough attention to the things that happen along the way. I remember when the Brazilian soccer team won the 2002 World Cup of soccer and a friend looked at me and said: "This is awesome but now what?" Exactly, now what? At that moment I kind of felt I should have enjoyed the journey a little bit more. I was so focused on the outcome that I did not fully live the experience.

Today I have a special relationship with everyday moments.  I try to enjoy the journey a little more. I am not pursuing the big moment. It goes by too fast. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy big celebrations. I certainly do but the little things are the ones that make me happy, the ones that drive me. To me the big moment is nothing more than a tribute to the awesome journey.


Video by Radiolab