The humbling effects of Yoga

I have been doing Yoga for over a year now. Even though I have become more comfortable with my practice, it never seems to get any easier. When you think you have a posture down, the teacher corrects you a tiny bit and it feels like you are back to the drawing board. Your limit is always being tested. It humbles you.

Every once in a while I look around the room and I see that everyone struggles at some point. No one is great at everything. Some people are strong but they lack flexibility. Some are flexible but they've got no strength. Some are strong and flexible but lack coordination. There is always room for improvement.

However, when you finish your practice you feel great. You recognize your limitations and you immediately start thinking about how you will be able to improve your practice. Yoga is a great exercise for the body and it can do wonders for the mind and the soul.

Triangle is a pose you wish you never had to do.