The day my life changed

5 months ago I quit my (good) job to take care of my dad. I went back home for two months and I had to leave my life behind, including my wife. I would do that again in a heart beat and this is why:

My father had a sudden illness and my life changed overnight. I remember being in a meeting thinking about all the problems I had to solve to get a project past the finish line. I felt pressured, stressed out and miserable. I did not know that 10 minutes later, life would present me a real challenge. A challenge that takes you to the extreme. A challenge that puts things in perspective for you. I had to fly back home that very same day now knowing what was waiting for me. It was the worst 12 hours of my entire life.

I stayed with my dad during his recovery for almost 2 months and I enjoyed every minute of it. It created a real bond between the two of us, something that will never change.It also created a bond with my whole family. Something that had been lost after I moved to a distant country.

Today I have a different outlook on life: I try to enjoy the every moment with the people I love. I live lighter while thinking bigger. I only give problems the attention they deserve. I don't anticipate suffering as anticipation only makes you suffer twice. I have a list of things I have always dreamed of doing and I try to stick to it. I tell people I love them. I play my own game and I give a f*** about what people think. I don't fulfill anyone's expectations and I don't expect anything from anyone. I cherish friendship. I do not have a relationship with people who have nothing to add. I am honest and I try not to take life too seriously.

Everything happens for a reason. This whole experience changed me forever. It changed me for the better. It helped me define my priorities and I am sure that moving forward I will be a happier person.